Air escargot

The adventure can also begin at the hour when, in the words of Baudelaire…

« … trembling on its stalk
Every flower evaporates like an incense burner
Sounds and scents revolve in the evening air
Like a melancholy waltz and langorous elation … »

The light then softens. The crispness of the morning gives way to lusher air where gold and purple clothe the horizon with shimmering colours.

Mysterious roads lead you to your take-off point, in a sheltered valley or in a shady hollow that the wind has not yet touched. The basket is put in place, then the canopy is taken out of its cover… Yards and yards of colourful silky material are spread over the grass.

Suddenly with a dull groan the material begins to undulate and shimmer. Two powerful fans blow cold air into the billowing canopy which begins to take shape. Then the burners are switched on, heating up the cold air and breathing life into the balloon. With a burning roar, the canopy rises magestically and expands into a dazzling orb.

Now it is time to get on board. With a few roars of the burners, with an infinite slowness and an elegant grace, the craft leaves the ground and embarks on its conquest of endless horizons…

A kaleidoscope of shapes and colours unfolds as the balloon rises into the sky: you will see every shade of green coming from the slopes of the vineyards, shiny roofs glistening under the sun, endless variations of browns…

Over there, one glimpses a trail of vivid gold : this is a field of oil-seed rape. Further away, a dark ribbon weaves its way lazily through woods and copses : it is a canal whose smooth and reflective surface occasionally ripples as ducks alight on it. Fascinated, overwhelmed, we cast our eyes incredulously over these magnificent views

Our flight reaches its end, a field welcomes us as we return to earth, entranced by our fabulous adventure.  

There are still so many things to see, so many hidden riches to discover, so many sensations to be felt and so much happiness to experience…

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